Care Management

At Comfort Health of Rochester, MN, we’re up for the challenge of helping to keep our clients healthier. Working to help our clients feel better requires client education, open communication, and targeted planning – things that physicians and other health care providers might not be able to fit into their already very busy schedules.

Our Care Managers keep the lines of communication between clients and their providers open. This is especially critical for clients with one or more chronic diseases. Think of it this way- a Care Manager is like a quarterback who works closely with high-risk clients to help call the right plays at the right time.

Care management can improve the quality of care that clients receive. It is a promising, team-based, clients-centered approach designed to assist clients and their support systems in managing medical conditions more effectively. It also encompasses the care coordination activities needed to help manage chronic illness.

Regular interaction with a Comfort Health Care Manager helps our clients manage their conditions and avoid complications that could lead to an emergency room visit or hospital admission. Clients with complex care needs are also extremely vulnerable during transitions of care from hospital to home or post-acute care. Care Managers act as liaisons, working across care settings to make sure that medications are reconciled and follow-up visits are scheduled.

Comfort Health’s Care Managers are also trained to establish care plans and to foster good relationships with their assigned clients, connecting them with the resources they need. Some of these resources may include pharmacists, social workers, diabetic educators, behavioral health specialists, home health care providers, and palliative care.

At Comfort Health, we will work with other health care providers to create a care management plan that is accessible and relevant to our clients. For more information on care management and our other services, please contact us.