Medication Management

Keeping track of medications is crucial and sometimes loved ones need some extra assistance with this very important task. Making sure that prescriptions are stored properly, that they have not expired, and that they are refilled as needed requires time and attention. Taking many different medications at the same time can be difficult. It can be hard to remember what each drug is for, when it should be taken, and how it should be taken. This is especially true for individuals with memory problems. However, there is a solution and that is Comfort Health’s medication management program.

So, what is medication management? Medication management is a multi-faceted process of reconciling, monitoring, and assessing the medications an individual takes to assure compliance with a specific medication regimen.

Working in conjunction with our clients’ physicians, our highly qualified Comfort Health registered nurses offer comprehensive medication management. After all of your medications are reviewed and any modifications are made, we will work with clients to determine which medication management program is best suited for their personal needs. After all, at Comfort Health of Rochester, MN, our clients’ health and safety are our number one priorities.

For more information about how our medication management program can help achieve healthier and more independent living, please visit our contact page.